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General guide for Referencing and avoiding plagiarism: Turnitin

Try out Turnitin

UTurnitin Logosing Turnitin to help you with your referencing

Please note that Turnitin is only a text-matching tool. It DOES NOT check for plagiarism, but it can help you determine if you have referenced your sources correctly. You can upload your assignment by clicking on the link below. It will not be added to the Turnitin database, so don't worry if your lecturer requires you to submit through Turnitin as well.

This Turnitin demo video will explain the originality check features of Turnitin.

Upload your assignment to Turnitin here

Student Guide to Interpreting originality report

What do the colours mean?

The colour of report icons indicates the Similarity Index of the student submission, based on the amount of matching or similar text. The percentage range is 0% to 100%.

Blue – no matching text
Green – one word to 24% matching text
Yellow – 25 -49% matching text
Orange – 50-75% matching text
Red – 75-100% matching text

To access and view the Originality report click on the % icon located under the similarity column


Turnitin is an online text-matching tool that checks students' work against existing sources for improper citations or potential plagiarism. (

Although the Library is not involved with Turnitin directly, we are regularly asked about this software.  Please refer back to your lecturer or supervisor on the use this software.