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Business & Management guide: Find More Resources

This guide will point you in the direction of good quality business and management information resources.

Shelf number for Business material

The print collections are organised by shelf numbers on the backs of the books so that all the items on the same subject are kept in the same place.


     Image courtesy of Kittisak:

Here are some of the main numbers for your subject:

General Business and Management        658
Economics  330
Human Resource Management  658.3
Marketing  658.8
Business Ethics  174.4
Arts Management  700.68 / 706
Business Law  346.4207
Entrepreneurship  338.04
Small Business  658.022

Other resources

What are e-books (electronic books)?

These are books that you can read online via your PC, laptop or mobile device.

Why use them?

  • e-Books are available 24/7
  • access them on and off campus
  • search within the full-text for your topic
  • avoid waiting for reservations
  • you don't pay library fines

How many ebooks are available?  The AIT Library provides access to approximately 150,000 ebooks.

Click here to access the various electronic book list offerings from the AIT library.    Downloading options will vary from publisher to publisher and even from book to book sometimes.

Copies of past exam papers are available online to registered staff and students of the Athlone Institute of Technology.

Online past exam papers are based on the set of papers which the Library receives from schools. They are available in pdf format for revision purposes only. We do not receive copies of past repeat examination papers, nor do we receive sample answers.

Past Exam Papers are available on and off-campus. Follow the link to the exam paper you require; you will be prompted for your AIT login and password.

Document Supply Requests

If you need a book, article or thesis that we do not have access to, you may use the Document Supply service. Please go to My Library Record on the AIT library page and log into your account. Scroll down the page.  Click on “your document supply requests” and then click “create requests”. Please include as much detail as possible when placing your applications to assist library staff in processing all requests as efficiently as possible.