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Nursing: Why Can't I just Google

Athlone Institute Of Technology Subject Information guide for Nursing

Best Evidence


In Academic writing you are expected to express a point of view on a subject and use good quality evidence to support your position.  It's important that you use the right kind of evidence, that you use it effectively, and that you have an appropriate amount of it.  

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Primary and Secondary


  1. Primary sources present original information without it being condensed or evaluated. e.g. Diary, interview, thesis, speech, letter, journal article, play etc.
  2. Secondary sources evaluate, interpret and describe primary sources. e.g. Some newspaper articles, books, journal articles.
  3. Tertiary sources consist of informatin which is a distillation and collection of primary and secondardy sources, e.g. encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies etc.

Why can't you just Google It

This video is from the La Trobe University and makes mention of some of their library services.  For equivalent library services in the AIT Library contact us.

Permission obtained to link to this video obtained in July 2010.


Video showing difference between Primary and Secondary

Although specifically designed for the JSTOR database this video gives a good explaination of the differences between primary and secondary information sources.