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AIT Harvard: Images



Material Type  Examples of an 'In Text Citation' Examples of a full Reference

Image, figure, illustration, photo or table


Reference to an image (reproduced in your work)

Template: (Author date)                 

Diagrams etc. are usually accompanied by a brief description and are listed throughout a piece of  work by figure number.                             

  When referring to diagrams, graphs, tables, illustrations, photographs, etc. in the text, you should use Figure number (and Source if relevant).

Note: Images adapted from other works - reproduced in your in text 

A table of data or graph which is taken from another work should be acknowledged as a reference like any extract from a published source. In the context of a graph, it is labelled a figure, e.g. Figure 1. The source citation is placed after the title of the graph with the author’s, the year of publication and page number (if a book)


Figure 1: Questions the Literature Review can Answer (The Learning Centre 2007, p.66) 






  • Author 
  • Year of publication (in round brackets)
  • Title of image, figure, (in Italics)
  • [Type of image]
  • Title of book which contains the image
  • edn (if 1st ed do not include)
  • Place of publishing: Publisher (if available)
  • Page, illus.


Reference to an image in a Book (not reproduced) As shown in a photograph, Fig. 2. (University of Limerick 2003, p. 10 )...

University of Limerick (1999) Postgraduate student at work in the telecommunications laboratory. [Photograph] University of Limerick: a celebration. Limerick: University of Limerick, 105p., illus.

Image – on the web (Not reproduced but mentioned) (Author, date)


  • Author 
  • Year of publication (in round brackets)
  • Title of image, figure, (in Italics)
  • [Type of image]
  • Available at: URL
  • [Accessed date]
 and 3; Image on the Web (mentioned not reporduced) 


 (Coca Cola 2007)...



 Note: If there is no responsible person or body given then use the image title and date for intext citation see internet example below..


(Where to study for finals 2012)


Coca Cola (2007) New Coke logo. [Image] Available at:

lg_new_coke_logo.jpg [Accessed 16 August 2007].


Note: If there is no author: use image title as author





Where to study for finals (2012) [photograph] Available at: [Accessed 16 December 2013].


In an Online journal                                      


When referencing images that come from articles,

Check the article content for additional source information, such as a photographer or illustrator

If an alternate name is available, use that in place of the article's author(s).If the image has a title or caption, use that in place of the article title

After the article or image title and before the journal title, insert the image type.

Image types are: Chart, Diagram, Graph, Illustration, Map, or Photograph

Replace the page range of the article with the page number for the image.          



As shown in a diagram labelled, 'Storyboard for Ivan's mornng routine' (Buggey 2007)               


  • Author 
  • Year of publication (in round brackets)
  • Title of image, figure
  • [Type of image]
  • Title of journal , (in Italics)
  • (Volume), Issue
  • pages
  • Available at: URL
  • [Date accessed].








Buggey. T. (2007) Storyboard for Ivan's morning routine. [Diagram] Journal of Positive Behaviour Interventions, 9 (3) p.151. Available at: Academic Search Premier, [Accessed 18 December 2013].