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General guide for Referencing and avoiding plagiarism: Frequently Asked Questions

Harvard FAQS

Recent Query:  Does an item (book, report or journal article) require the electronic source to be included on the Harvard reference if located and viewed in PDF format?

Answer: No.  For a PDF file, it is acceptable to reference this as you would reference a purely print version.  Looking at the PDF is similar to holding the print version in your hand.

Most of the 50,000 journals subscribed to by the library are available in electronic format.  There are also an increasing number of freely available (open access) journals online. Articles can be downloaded/viewed in a number of formats, e.g. PDF files, as HTML files/web pages or in both formats.

Do note, however, that some lecturers/supervisors may wish you to include information on where and when the journal article, ebook or report was accessed. If in doubt, check with your supervisor/lecturer.