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Academic Writing Guide: Evaluating information

Google Searching

Evaluating on the Internet

Relevance: Is it relevant to your topic? Is it current? Is it too detailed or not detailed enough? What are the key concepts?

Authority: Are the authors experts in their fields? Has your lecturer recommended the book or article? Who is responsible for the page? Is there copyright information or can you contact the person or organisation who created the page? When was the page last updated?

Purpose: What is the purpose of the website? Is it trying to sell? Does it represent a particular point of view? (opinions can be useful but may need to be balanced with other opinions)

To use or not to use

Evaluate Internet sites

Evaluating websites [Cal State Fullerton, Pollak Library - duration: 2 mins 30sec]

Evaluate Websites

Evaluate websites [Ohlone College Library - duration: 3 mins 50 secs]


Evaluating Information