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Business & Management guide: Organisational/Organizational culture

This guide will point you in the direction of good quality business and management information resources.

Some major authors and search tips

Some Major authors in the area: John Kotter, Deal and Kennedy, Hofstede and Edgar Schein.

Some keywords to search:

  • Corporate culture - Organisational culture or organizational culture - Cultural intelligence - Diversity in the workplace

In much of the literature the terms Organizational Culture and Corporate Culture are used interchangeably, though some criticism exists of this approach, and a distinction between the two has emerged. This distinction defines organizational culture as the collective values, beliefs and practices of employees, a product of factors such as history, size of organization, strategy, management style, national cultures and other factors. Corporate Culture however refers to culture deliberately created by management to meet strategic ends (Needle 2004).

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Schein model

Culture and change


Best Databases to begin search