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AIT Harvard: In-text references exercise: Answers

In-text citation

Harvard In text citations: Answers


These in text examples are taken from pager 22 of the book: Sociology by Anthony Giddens, 6th edition published in 2009

Please note the examples of paraphrasing given below are just one example alternate paraphrasing is of course also possible

 Paraphrase (put an idea in your own words) the following example with in text citation included

One possible answer (a number of variations are possible):_

People of Indian origin have comparable home quality to whites and are also less likely to live in an inner city area than other ethnic groups (Giddens, 2009, p.22)

Do a direct Quote and in-text citation of the following

Answer: ..

‘Ethnic minorities in Britain, as elsewhere, tend to experience discrimination, harassment and material deprivation in the housing market.’  (Giddens, 2009, p.22)

Paraphrase the following example of a source within another source as an in-text citation only.

One possible answer: ...._..Some racial groups including those from India have good levels of home ownership and other racial groups live in sub-standard housing (Ratcliffe, 1999, cited in Giddens, 2009, p.22) _________________________________________________________