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DIT Dissertation

Jury Service: The Verdict An Exploratory Study of Public Attitudes to Jury Service


Jury service is seen as an integral institution within the Irish criminal justice system, and is dependent on public participation, as such, it should follow that research into public opinion of this institution is vital. The current research explores the public’s attitude to jury service in Ireland. Specifically, the study concentrates on the public’s support for jury service, their knowledge of jury service and their willingness to participate in jury service. Past experiences of jurors are also explored. The study was conducted through quantitative research utilising availability sampling through 74 on-line surveys. The on-line sample was sourced through the use of Research to date has focused predominately on jury service in relation to the function and experiences of jurors. There is a notable lack of research into public opinion of jury service in Ireland. This current study aims to highlight this void while also attempting to inform knowledge about how jury service is currently perceived by the public.