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Welcome to the TUS Midlands Library guide which will help you find information about and links to the library's key resources in Law.

What is a journal?

The Library provides access to thousands of scholarly journals, both in print and online (mainly online). You can locate specific journals using Publication Search. Scholarly journals,are also referred to as academic journals, or "peer-reviewed" journals. They are excellent sources of in-depth and up to date scholarly information and your lecturers will encourage you to use them, especially when you are carrying out a literature review.

*Peer-reviewed just means that the articles you read in "peer-reviewed" journals have been reviewed by a panel of experts in the field before they are allowed to be published. This ensures that the information in these articles are of high quality.




Just click to access any of the journals below, and log in with your student e-mail and password.


Irish Jurist: 1966 to present via Westlaw IE

Irish Criminal Law Journal: 1991 to present via Westlaw IE

Irish Employment Law Journal: 2003 to present via Westlaw IE

Irish Planning and Environmental Law Journal: 1994 to present via Westlaw IE

Irish Law Times: 1983 to present via Westlaw IE

Irish Journal of Family Law: 1998 to present via Westlaw IE

Law Society Gazette