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Assignment guides: Lorna Mitchell's Academic Poster assignment

Sample References in Harvard Style

Sample References

Ainsworth, M. (2009) The Strange Situation - Mary Ainsworth [Video Online] Available at: [Accessed 27th February 2015]

Ainsworth, M. D.S. (2002) Maternal Sensitivity Scales.  [Online] Available at: [Accessed 27th February 2015]

Encyclopaedia Britannica.  (2015) Human behaviour: attachment.   Encyclopædia Britannica Online. Available at: [Accessed 27th February 2015]

Ponciano, L. (2010) Attachment in Foster Care: The Role of Maternal Sensitivity, Adoption, and Foster Mother Experience, Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal, 27(2) pp. 97-114

Hurst, M. (2003) Attachment theory: definition & Criticism of Bowlby and Ainsworth theories.  [Video online] Available at: [Accessed 27th February 2015]

Referencing posters not the same.

In general, you probably shouldn’t have as many references as in a full manuscript. A poster is not intended to be a complete literature review. The point of references is to give an indication that you’ve done some Academic research while preparing your poster.  Audiences will rarely want to copy down the references to check up on them, which is often a major point of references in a paper.

Experiment with different ways of incorporating references.  Always check with your lecturer or supervisor.

Creating an Academic Poster

Jessica Maxwell, Eric Taylor, Jay Pratt, Penelope Lockwood presented at Vision Sciences Society Annual Meeting 2014, 16 - 21 May 2014, 434

Referencing on a poster

Some links that may be of use.  Do note that some of the following guidelines are for APA which is a version of Harvard but the main points are still of use.

Academic Posters

% ways to increase the impact of your research poster

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