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Health Science and Nutrition: Books

Find evidence in printed books and ebooks

Here's a selection of the latest and most popular print books for Health Scientists - just click on them to check their availability and a list of topics they contain



Here's how to search for a book or find out what's available on a particular topic - and also how to find it on the library shelves

To check what books the library has, you use the library's OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue). This database lists all the material the library has in its collection.

You can quickly search for a particular title, or by author, subject or keyword. The advanced search option allows you to be more specific and gives a more focused list of results. You can access the OPAC from any PC that has an internet connection.

Once you have generated your search result list,  click on the link for a particular book and you can see how many copies the library has, how many are available, whether the book is on loan (and the date it's due back), and a summary of the subjects covered. It will also give you the details of the call number e.g. 613.2. 

This number is used to find the book on the shelves - for example, most of the books on health promotion and nutrition have call numbers around 613; clinical nutrition is at 615.854 whilst health policy and sociology are to be found at 362.1. The number is always followed by a three-letter code based on the name of the author/editor e.g. 615.854 GIB and books are shelved alphabetically where they share a call number - so 615.854 GIB will be before 615.854 GRO.

If it's an ebook you can click on a link to access it directly.

Ebooks - access information on the go and no fines!

Get access to the full text versions of a number of health-related books - EBook Central contains 77,000 online books on all disciplines

Use Summon to search across Ebook Central, Books@OvidGale Virtual Reference Library, Dawson Era, EBSCO, ScienceDirect 

Use Clinical Key to search books on Anatomy Physiology & Nursing


Handbook of Mineral Elements in Food by Miguel de la Guardia; Salvador Garrigues 

ISBN: 9781118654347
Publication Date: 2015-04-20


If you need a book, article or thesis that we do not have access to, use the Inter-Library Loans service. 

We have just introduced a new library system.  KOHA currently does not allow us to provide online request forms for Interlibrary loans.  Therefore, we ask that you send all of your inter-library loan applications to the following email account: Please include as much detail as possible when placing your applications to assist library staff in processing all requests as efficiently as possible.

We look forward to making our new inter-library loan service available through Koha in 2018. Any questions or problems making a request? Email:

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