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Health Science and Nutrition: Journals/Serials

Journals - the latest research at your fingertips

What is a journal?


Journals can be called many things, serials, periodicals or magazines.  Journals are published at regular intervals under the same title. They contain articles relating to a specific subject area. Academic journals are the most relevant for research purposes. Articles in academic journals are usually refereed (also called peer reviewed). 
[Br J Nutr. 2015

What's new from The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry

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Recommend Ntrution Journals Recommended by your lecturers.

Complete Nutrition (Print) is available in the Health Library 

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition is available in the Health library as a 'Print Journal' and is also available as an online journal through the CINAHL database

Find journals and journal articles

Thousands of print and online journals are available


They are full of the latest research, studies and theories - a great source of  up-to-date information

AIT Library A-Z Journal List - shows all the online and print journals available and for what years. Choose which particular journals you want to search in - or if you don't really know, then choose to browse by subject.

Try subject:  "Health and Biological Sciences"  and then select a subcategory such as "Diet & Clinical Nutrition" to narrow down the scope of your search a bit further. 

Just want to see what's out there on a particular topic? Summon will search across all journal content and locate all articles relating to your topic across all databases that AIT has access to.

You might end up with more results than you bargained for! 

Better to narrow the search with the advanced search option - it might take a little longer to input more specific search terms, but a lot less time than scrolling through 50 pages in the hope of finding what you want.

For instance searching only for  "fruit and vegetables" will generate many hundreds of thousands of results, but "fruit and vegetable consumption" AND  "oesophageal cancer" will give a more limited and relevant set of results.

How finding one article can lead to more