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Citing Newspaper Articles


  • Citing newspaper articles is rather similar to citing journal articles.  
  • As many newspapers are daily publications the date of the newspaper must be included
  • If accessed online, the access date and source should be included.


Citing Newspaper Articles: Examples

Material Type In-Text Example Reference List Example

See Cite Them Right, 12th ed G2.7  p. 56

Citation order:

Author, date
  • Author
  • Year of publication (in round brackets)
  • Title of article (in single quotation marks)
  • Title of Newspaper (in italics - capitalise first letter of each word in title, except for the linking words such as and, for, the, of)
  • Edition if required (in round brackets)
  • Date and month
  • Section and page reference (if available)

If accessed online: 

Available at: DOI or URL (Accessed: date)

Newspaper print: example:

(Browne, 2013)

Browne, R. (2013) 'Good digital manners', Irish Independent, 29 March. p.18.

Newspaper available online: example: (Hilts,1999)


Hilts, P.J. (1999) 'In forecasting their emotions, most people flunk out', New York Times, 14 May. Available at: (Accessed 19 February 2000).