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Library Basics

Group Study Rooms

Terms and conditions apply.

  • You will need your current Institute ID card in order to book a room. Only registered Library Users are eligible to book these rooms.
  • It is now a requirement that all students using the group study rooms should leave their Student Cards at the Issue desk for the duration of the booking.
  • Group study rooms are available on a first-come-first-served basis for group work, so groups will have precedence over individuals.
  • You can book for a maximum of two hours per session.
  • A 10 minute rule applies so if the group do not turn up within 10 minutes of the booking then the room can be booked by another group.
  • You can book a room for immediate use if there is no prior booking for the current period.
  • The Study rooms are for study purposes and not to be used for entertainment.*
         * Entertainment can mean watching sport, using social media etc.