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Student Guide: Guide to Alternative Assessments

Important Information & Resources for Online Assessments

AIT is committed to ensuring the academic integrity of the assessment methods that are designed and implemented during the end of semester assessment period. This is in the context of the ongoing non-availability of physical examinations on campus for the 2020/21 period, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions which apply to on-campus activity. 

Timetables will be available on the AIT examinations webpage.
Information for students on Alternative Terminal Assessments (ATAs)
Form to request access to Campus to submit or complete an online assessment.

Support for Students

Students who are ill at the time of their examinations should contact their own G.P. or Student Health Service on the day of illness. You can telephone us on 090 64 68063.

Counselling Service - Contact or phone 090646806 for appointments or a free wellbeing check-in call.

Text AIT 50808 for free anonymous 24/7 text support service providing everything from a calming chat to support in a crisis

Apps to scan your work for upload

What to expect

Your assessments will be made available on Moodle. You will be provided with the following:

  1. An outline of the required work to be completed, including word count where applicable.
  2. The timeline for its completion.
  3. The method for its submission, including acceptable format e.g. handwritten/typed/number of files/Turnitin report required/file format.
  4. A student declaration form regarding the ORIGINALITY AND AUTHORSHIP OF WORK SUBMITTED IN THE ALTERNATIVE TERMINAL ASSESSMENT to note the originality of the work submitted for each assessment.
  5. A notice of penalties that will apply for late submissions, which will be clearly outlined by the lecturer before you submit your work.

How to upload your assignments