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Student Guide: Student Code of Conduct

Things to check before your assessment

Check guidance from AIT Exams Office

check guidance
You will get instructions for preparing for your online exam here. Check it regularly on the AIT website.


Check your Internet access

Make sure your broadband and data allowance are good enough. You need a minimum download speed of at least 5Mbps and an upload speed of 3Mbps. You can check broadband speed here:


Check your hardware and software

check internet
Make sure you have all the equipment you need (e.g. laptop, webcam or software) to complete the online exam and submit the files required.


Get advice

If you think you may have issues accessing your exam, contact the Faculty Office or the Exams Office and/or Computer Services.


Get access to the college

It may be possible to complete your exam on campus. Please fill out the Request for Access Form BEFORE your exam to receive permission.


Verifying that the work you submit is your own

  1. Verify your identity by logging into Moodle for the completion of the examination and/or submission of files.
  2. If you are sitting an invigilated online examination you may be required to verify your identity to the invigilator by displaying your student identification card.  
  3. All work submitted for the online alternative terminal assessment must be your own. 
  4. You cannot seek the guidance of any external third party while you are completing your online alternative terminal assessment.
  5. You must complete the STUDENT DECLARATION OF ORIGINALITY AND AUTHORSHIP OF WORK SUBMITTED IN THE ALTERNATIVE TERMINAL ASSESSMENT form to confirm that all of the work submitted for the alternative terminal assessments is your own.

Student Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct for the Completion of Online Terminal Assessments

An Online Terminal Assessment is a formal examination given by AIT as part of the Examinations and Assessment process for programmes leading to an award. It is important that online examinations and assessments are valid, fair and consistent, just like face to face examinations. The validity of a student’s work and how AIT ensures that the work is authentic is extremely important. Students should remember that Breaches of Assessment Regulations as outlined in Standards, Assessment and Awards, are taken very seriously by the Institute and may result in a referral to a Committee of Enquiry.

The aim of this AIT Student Code of Conduct for Completion of Online Alternative Terminal Assessments is to inform students of the responsibilities and behaviour required when completing an Online Terminal Assessment.  This Code of Conduct is viewed by AIT as the personal responsibility of every student in AIT.

Below are the details included in the AIT Student Code of Conduct. You must adhere to this code of conduct when completing your assessments.

What happens if you are in breach of these rules?

Any student who is in breach of any of the notices contained in the Code of Conduct may be subject to a Committee of Enquiry under the Institute's Academic Regulations and/or disciplinary measures under the AIT Code of Conduct and Discipline