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Library guide for Students: Group Study Rooms

Mission of the Study Rooms

“The purpose of the Group Study Rooms is to provide a place for small groups of students to engage in collaborative and cooperative study - while protecting the quiet study environment surrounding them.”  There are 4 group study rooms available for booking.  Check with the Library desk for more information.

Please note

  • If you find any faults within the study rooms, please report any such issues to the Library Issue Desk.
  • Damage, including graffiti, may be charged for the full cost of repairs.

Groups should:

  • Occupy the room within 10 minutes and for the entirety of the booking time or the booking is forfeited.
  • Keep discussions at a quiet conversational level at all times and not disturb students in adjacent areas (the rooms are not soundproof).
  • You will be asked to vacate the room 10 minutes before the Library closes.
  • Switch mobile phones to silent mode.
  • Have drinks in lidded containers only; food is not allowed.
  • Be ready to vacate the room promptly at the end of a booking to ensure bookings run on time.
  • Leave room clean and tidy. Remove any Library materials that you have been using.
  • Please do not leave any personal or valuable items in the rooms; unattended property may be removed by library staff.
  • Be aware all users of the room are subject to Library’s Rules and Regulations. Any misuse of the study room facilities may result in disciplinary action.

NOTE: The student who books the room may face disciplinary action if Library rules and regulations are breached.

Images for Group Study Rooms

Terms & conditions


Terms and conditions apply.

  • Group study rooms are available on a first-come-first-served basis for group work, so groups will have precedence over individuals.
  • You can book for a maximum of two hours per session.
  • A 10 minute rule applies so if the group do not turn up within 10 minutes of the booking then the room can be booked by another group.
  • You can book a room for immediate use if there is no prior booking for the current period.
  • The Study rooms are for study purposes and not to be used for entertainment.*
         * Entertainment can mean watching sport, using social media etc.