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Plastics and Polymer Engineering: AIT OER Index by subject

TUS Midllands OER Index

As the amount of OERs available is endless and it is timely to search across all available platforms, TUS Library Midlands brings you a curated Index for the disciplines taught in our university, this is a work in progress and is updated regularly. We encourage you to help us develop the Index by submitting OERs you come across or your own OERs. You can find a submission form at the bottom of this page.

Use the A_Z tool to search for OERs under a particular subject. This Index is organised per faculty.

TUS Library Midlands OER Index homepage

Faculty of Business and Hospitality

Faculty of Engineering and Informatics

Faculty of Science and Health

Faculty of Continuing, Professional, Online and Distance Learning

TUS Midlands OER submission tool

This tool is a ongoing project and will grow as more OERs are explored, used/ re-used and published by the TUS Midlands community. Your feedback as a user is essential and we strongly encourage you to use the following form to include any OERs you deem relevant to your own subject as a lecturer or as a student.