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What are e-books (electronic books)?

These are books that you can read online via your PC, laptop or mobile device.

Why use them?

  • e-Books are available 24/7
  • access them on and off campus
  • search within the full-text for your topic
  • avoid waiting for reservations
  • you don't pay library fines

How many ebooks are available?  The AIT Library provides access to approximately 150,000 ebooks.

Click here to access the various electronic book list offerings from the AIT library.    Downloading options will vary from publisher to publisher and even from book to book sometimes.

Copies of past exam papers are available online to registered staff and students of the Athlone Institute of Technology.

Online past exam papers are based on the set of papers which the Library receives from schools. They are available in pdf format for revision purposes only. We do not receive copies of past repeat examination papers, nor do we receive sample answers.

Past Exam Papers are available on and off-campus. Follow the link to the exam paper you require; you will be prompted for your AIT login and password.

Document Supply Requests

If you need a book, article or thesis that we do not have access to, you may use the Document Supply service. Please go to My Library Record on the AIT library page and log into your account. Scroll down the page.  Click on “your document supply requests” and then click “create requests”. Please include as much detail as possible when placing your applications to assist library staff in processing all requests as efficiently as possible.

641—Food and drink
641.4—Food preservation and storage
641.6—Cooking specific materials
641.7—Specific cooking processes and
641.8—Cooking specific kinds of dishes,
preparing beverages
642—Meals and table service
642.1—Meals for home, family and individuals.
642.3—Meals for camp, picnic, travel
642.4—Meals for social and public
642.5—Meals in public and institutional
eating places
642.6—Table service
642.7—Table furnishings
642.8—Table decorations
647.95—Restaurant management
  • Use accurate preparation methods, point-of-origin information, and quality representations.
  • Use accurate weight or portion sizes.
  • Use readily understood terms such as: charcoal broiled, deep fried, sautéed, baked, broiled, poached, roasted, barbecued and smoked.
  • Provide nutritional information for any nutritional claims made.

Descriptive Terms to WATCH

Absolute accuracy is a must when using terms in menu descriptions.  Descriptive words are often the determining factor in the customer's selection of a menu item.

Black angus beef fresh kosher natural
centre-cut ham flown in daily low-calorie non-fat
cholesterol-free heart healthy low-fat reduced
corn-fed or mild fed heart smart made from scratch sugar-free

Examples of Menu Phrases

  • The Salad Course:  The Georgia Salad is a delightful combination of roasted pecans, fried green tomatoes and Virginia ham on a bed of spinach, arugula and bibb hearts, with sweet onion slices and buttermilk dressing (€11.95).

    Entrée: Baby Clams Over Linguine - Baby Clams sautéed with garlic, herbs, clam broth, and white wine over linguine pasta served with an Italian roll.

  • Dessert: Peach Melba - Peaches sautéed in rum over vanilla ice cream topped with fresh raspberries and sauce.

Links to Additional Tips on Writing Menu Descriptions