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Referencing: Free referencing software

All you need to know about referencing

Zotero Information

Zotero will allow you to organise your references and to download book and article references into your Zotero library as you find them, these can then be added to your word document with a cite as you write plugin 


Endnote Help




EndNote: Keep all your references and reference-related materials in a searchable personal library.
Synchronize your references between up to three personal computers
Set up a sharing team to grant access to your designated synced library.
Cite your references in word processor documents to create formatted citations, bibliographies or independent reference lists.


Mendeley Graphic

Please note: The newer Mendeley download is called Mendeley Reference Manager; if you download this on a college laptop then download the word plugin through Microsoft Store from this link .  To complete the install for the word plugin you will need to login to Office 365, just follow the prompts, and use your college signon.