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OA and OER in TUS: Home

The aim of this guide is to define OA and OER as well as outline their benefits for TUS staff and students

Purpose of the guide

This guide was created to fullfill a requirement of Unit 5: Creative Commons for Academic Librarians (part of Creative Commons Certificate for Academic Librarians)

The guide aims to clarify the following for TUS staff and Students considering the use of OA and OER material:

  1. Define Open Access,
  2. Define Open Educational Resources,
  3. Describe the relationship between OA and OER,
  4. Describe why Open Access is important for faculty and students, and
  5. Describe why Open Educational Resources are important for faculty and students.



OA and OER in TUS © 2024 by Celine Peignen is licensed under CC BY 4.0 

Existing TUS resources for OER

This guide provides some information on how to use OER, why use OER, and where to find OER. 

Existing TUS resources for OA

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