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Literature Review Guide: What is a Literature Review?

How to create Literature reviews


Undertaking a Literature review: step by step approach

Although this article is aimed at Nursing students the principles can be applied to the creation of any Literature Review.

What is a literature review?

There are different types of literature reviews.

A stand alone literature review can be a single work in its own right.  Examples include

  • A class assignment/essay.
  • A review article

Literature reviews can also form a part of larger bodies of work. Examples include

  • A thesis / dissertation/ final year project.
  • An academic journal article introduction

Literature review

Writing the Literature review

  • What is a literature review
    Includes an example literature review, and guidelines for literature review structure. From James Cook University.

Literature Review Checklist

 From the Markville Secondary School site in Canada.  This is a checklist for analysing Literature Reviews but will be of use to those writing Literature Reviews too.