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Counselling and Addiction Studies: Training and Help General

    Online Tutorials

A number of tutorials are available to help you on your information quest. The library will be producing some customised screencasts during the year so keep an eye on this page.


Workshops/library consultation contact

The Library will come to you to provide training on your information seeking needs.

If you wish to request a library information session for your class or yourself

please contact  

Michael Doheny-Assistant Librarian (Readers Services)  090-6483030


    What does the library cover in training?


Librarian led research skills workshops/training will include all or some of the following;   

  • How to develop research strategies and search databases effectively.
  • How to search for information in your area and keep up to date.
  • Advanced searching on the Internet and Evaluation of websites included
  • Harvard Referencing and how to avoid plagiarism
  • How to use Bibliographic management software such as ENDNOTE WEB



Need Help! Always remember that the library staff are there to help. Contact us for help


LOGIN Required explained

You will often come across the phrase, LOGIN REQUIRED in these subject guides. This means that you must enter your PIN to authenticate that you are a registered member of the library (staff or student).

Click here to find out how to set up your PIN.