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Counselling and Addiction Studies

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This guide was created for patrons looking for general mental health, popular psychology and health information though TUS Athlone library. These resources are for informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. For questions related to advice, diagnosis, or treatment please contact a licensed medical provider.

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Print books: Topic / Call numbers

100:                 Philosophy

150:                 Psychology

158.3:             Counselling / Self actualization

170 – 174:        Ethics

361.06:             Counselling

362.2               Mental Illness

362.7               Childcare/ therapy

363.8               Family therapy

616.85             Mental disorders

616.85223        Anxiety

616.8516          Drama therapy

616.8526          Eating disorders

616.8527          Depression

616.8581          Personality disorder

616.8583          Children, trauma, therapy

616.86             Addiction

616.89             Abnormal psychology

616.8914          Counselling, different modalities

616.8915          Group work / Family therapy

618.9289          Child Psychiatry

618.97689        Mental Health/ Older persons


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