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Counselling and Addiction Studies: Academic Writing Help


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Other Options for Managing References

There are many other options for managing your Citations.  Freely available software such as:


  • a research tool that helps users collect and organize sources.
  • a free, open-source program that can be downloaded as a Firefox browser extension, and it works with Windows, Mac, or Linux systems.


 which is another freely available tool.

  The citation may still require some editing to ensure that it matches the Harvard style. 



Popular Versus Scholarly Journals

Plagiarism Video

Permission to use obtained from Stian Hafstad (film maker) in July 2010.


EndNote is a software program that stores and organizes citations and enables you to import citations directly into a Word document.

Help with Endnote WEB:

Help Guides for EndNote: a series of short tutorials (from Thomson Co.)

AIT Library guide for ENDNOTE WEB


  Referencing and Plagiarism Powerpoint