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Electronic, Computer and Software Engineering: Journals/Serials

Information sources for Engineering.

What is a Journal?

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Journals can be called many things, serials, periodicals or magazines.  Journals are published at regular intervals under the same title. They contain articles relating to a specific subject area.  Academic journals are the most relevant for research purposes. Articles in academic journals are usually refereed (also called peer reviewed).


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Thousands of print and online journals are available to all members of the library.  They are published on a regular basis and offer an excellent source of up-to-date information on any subject.  The current issues of print journals are shelved alphabetically by title just inside the door of the Library.  Back issues are held in storage areas, so please check with a staff member.

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Library A-Z Journal List
Search the list to find out if the library holds your chosen journal (either in print or online) and for which years. If the journal is in a database, click on the database link on the library website to access the journal on campus or at home.

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