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Harvard referencing guide

Basic format for citing a Book

Author(s) family name, initial(s) Year of publication, Title, Publisher, Place of publication. 

For books with multiple authors, edited books, and chapters in books see Examples below.


Material Type  

In Text Citation  

Book General Template

(Author, Date, Page)

• Author (If editor; use abbreviation ed after name) 
• (Year)
Title (in Italics)
• Edition (only if not first, format edn.)
• Place of publishing: Publisher

Book: One Author



(Buckroyd, 1996, p.35) or ...According to Buckroyd (1996, p.35)

NB: use Surname only

Surname, Initial. (Year) Title in italics (minimum capitalization). Edition if not first. City of publishing: Name of publisher.


Buckroyd, J. (1996) Eating your heart out: understanding and overcoming eating disorders. 2nd edn. London: Vermilion.

NB: Minimal capitalization for Book titles: Only capitalize the first letter of the first title word and any names or place-names in title.

NB.2: Book Titles in Italics 

Book: Two Authors

(Beardsworth and Keil, 1997, p. 107) or Beardsworth and Keil (1997, p. 107) state..

Beardsworth, I. and Keil, T. (1997) Sociology on the menu: an invitation to the study of food and society. London: Routledge.


Book: Three Authors or more

Can use first author’s surname and “et al” or list all three authors

(Bretag, Crossman and Bordia, 2010, p. 407).

or (Bretag et al., 2010, p. 407)


Another example: Bretag et al. (2010, p. 407) explain the concept of voice in writing. 

Note: List all authors in the reference list


Bretag, T., Crossman, J. and Bordia, S. (2010) Communication skills. Sydney: McGraw-Hill.

*retain order of authors given in the source 


Edited book / 4 editors

(Cohen et al., 2000, p. 69)

NB: Use first author’s surname and “et al”

Note: List all authors in the reference list

Cohen, L., Sheedy, L., Morrison, K. and Doherty, K. eds.(2000) Research techniques. London: Routledge.


Book:No Author  


(Black’s Medical Dictionary, 1992) or It is stated in Black's Medical Dictionary (1992)

Cite the title as the author 

Black’s Medical Dictionary (1992) 37th edn. London: A&C Black.

One Author illustrating the same point - in works published in different years

Lucey (1996;2002) or Lucey stated that ... (1996; 2002) or (Lucey, 1996;2002)


Lucey, T (1996) Quantitative techniques5th edn. London: Thompson learning.

 Lucey, T. (2002) Costing. 6th edn. London: Continuum.

NB.: List each title separately – arrange by year of publication  (earliest first)– Giving full details of each title



Contribution (article or chapter) in edited book . Template

(Author of chapter /section, date)

  • Author of the Chapter/ Section
  • Year of publication (in round brackets)
  • Title of Chapter/ Section
  • In: author/ editor of book
  • Title of book (In Italics)
  • Edition (if not first)
  • Place of publication: Publisher
  • Page reference

Contribution (article or chapter) in edited book: Example

(MacDonald, 1997, p. 58)

Cite the author of article or chapter in the text Not the Editors of the Book 

 MacDonald, G. (1997) Innovation diffusion and health education in schools. In: Sidell, M., Jones, L., Katz, J. and Peberdy, A. eds. Debates and dilemmas in promoting health. 2nd edn. London: Open University, pp. 55-88.

Note: When referring to a work with editor/s, it is normally the case that each chapter/contribution is attributed to individual author/s.

Therefore, it is the author of the chapter that you will be citing in-text. However, in the full reference, you will need to refer to the editor/s as well as the chapter author/s.

In the rare event that you may want to cite the whole of an edited book, you would simply reference it as a normal book but would replace author with editor in the in-text citation and put ed.or eds. after the editor/s name/s in the full reference.

Book quoted in another book: Example

(Smith, 1990, cited in Buckroyd 1996, p. 543)


Buckroyd (1996, p. 543) citing Smiths view on social conditioning (1990) supports the theory that..

Buckroyd,  J. (1996) Eating your heart out: understanding and overcoming eating disorders. 2nd edn. London: Vermilion.

*If you read a piece of work which refers to another piece of writing, only use the work you have read in your Reference Listing


Translation (Wolf, 1989) Wolf, C. (1989) Accident: a day’s news. translated by Schwarzbauer, H. and Takvorian, R. London: Virago.
Foreword or introduction in a book, written by someone other than the author. (Amis, 1958)  Amis, K. (1958) Foreword. In: Ulanov, B. A handbook of jazz. London: Hutchinson
Book Series (Dooley, 2020)

Author’s surname, Initial/s. (Year of publication). Title of book:
subtitle if any. Edition followed by ed. (if not the first edition)
Series title, volume number (if any). Place of publication:

Dooley, R. (2020). Academic writing in science. 3rd ed
Elsevier academic writing skills. London: Elsevier