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Laptop on Loan Scheme Student Guide: Document Request

Document Request

After filling out the Laptop on Loan application form you will receive a follow up email requesting documentation to support your application. The specific type of documentation will vary depending on your application. 

SUSI Recipient

If you confirm you are in receipt of the SUSI grant, you will receive an email requesting 


A copy of your SUSI letter that states your family income (i.e. the full three pages of your SUSI letter)


You can respond to this email with any of the following:

  • A clear photo of the letter you have receive from SUSI for the academic year. (All numbers and text must be clearly visable in the photograph.)
  • A scanned copy of the letter. Check out the  guide to Getting Started Online to learn how to scan documents.
  • A digital copy of the letter which you can download from your online SUSI account. Keep in mind that this must be sent to us in an unencrypted format. 
  • A screenshot of the letter from your online SUSI account.


Family Income


Family income details may include the following documentation:

  • P21(s) for 2022and/or Employment Detail Summary (formally known as a P60)
  • Department of Social Protection Statement for 2022

Downloading your Employment Detail Summary

Downloading your Department of Social Protection Statement

If you are in receipt of social welfare, you can download your Payment statement.

International Protection Applicant

If you indicate that you are an International Protection Applicant you will receive an email with the following questions:

  1. On what date did you lodge your application for international protection?
  2. What stage are you at in the international protection process? (For example: awaiting IPO decision, awaiting IPAT decision, awaiting leave to remain application decision, or awaiting judicial review decision.)

You should include the answer to these questions in your email reply. 


You will also need to attatch one of the following:

Proof of immigration status (a copy of the letter issue to you from the Department of Justice and Equality confirming details of your permission to reside in Ireland)


Copy of Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Services card


Lastly, we  also require proof of address along with your application. There are two ways to provide proof of address. 

If you are in receipt of social welfare (for example, weekly Direct Provision payment), you can download your Payment statement.


You can ask the property manager at your accommodation center for a letter to confirm your address.