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Student Guide: Moodle

Moodle: a virtual learning environment

Moodle is a virtual learning platform, used by staff in TUS: Midlands in a variety of ways. Your lecturers will use it to share resources (lecture notes, videos and weblinks) and activities (assignment submissions, forums, collaborative tasks, etc).  Student Services use it to provide information and links about the supports available to students; the Academic Writing Centre provide resources for you to help with your writing and the Learning and Teaching Unit provides resources for teaching staff to help them deliver the best student experience for you.

Tips for using Moodle

Make sure you are enrolled on all your courses

Do this at the beginning of each semester. Don't worry if you enrol in the wrong module, you can contact the lecturer listed to ask them to unenrol you.

Log in regularly

The most important thing you can do during your studies is to check Moodle regularly, so you don't miss out on any announcements or important information about assessments, etc.

Ensure you can access the resources

Check that you can access the material shared with you. If not, make sure you contact your lecturer. 

Customise your dashboard

Check out the video included on this page about customising your dashboard to make it easier to navigate.

Edit your profile 

You might like to include a profile picture of yourself on Moodle. Don't be tempted to upload a photo of your pet or your friends though- it doesn't help your lecturers identify you!

Turn on notifications

Especially when using the app, notifications can be useful to alert you to messages, feedback or grades posted.

Check your attendance is accurate

Some lecturers use Moodle for attendance. You can check your attendance is accurate and contact your lecturer if there are any issues.

How to guides for using Moodle

Download the Moodle app to access your modules on any mobile device