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Student Guide: Zoom

Student Guide to Zoom

Zoom logoAIT uses Zoom to deliver its live, online lectures and tutorials. Your lecturers will share the link for your Zoom classes either on the Moodle page for your module or via email. You should log into Zoom through your Office 365 account ( using your student email and password, so that you are an authenticated user and you can access all the features of Zoom. Our domain for Zoom is ait-ie.

As a student of AIT, you can set up your own Zoom meetings. So if you need to work on a group project, set up study groups or conduct interviews for your research project, you can schedule a meeting through Zoom. 

The resources below will help you make the most of Zoom for your studies in AIT. 

Tips and Tricks for Learning on Zoom

Consider using a virtual background

This will allow you to turn your camera on but keep your privacy. Instructions are found here. Perhaps you could make a background image to share so all your class mates can access the same picture?

Add your ideas by annotating

paint brushes
During class you may be asked to add comments to documents that are being shared. Use the annotation tool to add your ideas or answer questions.

Get chatting!

written chat icon
Got something to ask or say? No need for the mic. Type it in the chat box for your classmates to read. Or reply to someone else’s comments.

Breakout in the breakout rooms

teamwork icon
These are used for small group activities. Turn your camera and mic on so that you can see and hear your classmates as you complete activities.

Polls - show what you know

This is your chance to share your opinion. Read the questions carefully and give your answer.

React and Engage

With just one click you can use the reaction buttons to quickly let others know what you think: agree, disagree, are surprised, happy, and so on.

Share resources

Found an interesting article you'd like your group to see? Use the File Share button in the chat room to pass it on to them immediately.

AIT's recording policy

Please ensure that you are familiar with the recording policy for the Institute. 

Access the policy.

Getting started with Zoom

Logging in through the Desktop Client

You can also join a Zoom meeting through your desktop Zoom client. Just choose SSO and enter your company domain (ait-ie) and your email address and password. 




The easiest way to schedule a Zoom meeting is through your Zoom web portal. Watch the video below for a quick guide on how to do this.

The guide below will give you some information about using Zoom as a student. You can also take a look at the video for some more information on the main features of Zoom.

Assuming you have permission to record the meeting (e.g. you are the host and you have consent from the meeting participants), you can record the Zoom meeting and store it in your Zoom account. Check out the AIT recording policy on this page for more information.

Zoom etiquette- what you need to remember!

Check for Zoom Updates