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Nursing Subject Guide: Websites

Information on the subjects Nursing and Dental Nursing

Choosing Websites

Always be careful when using online resources such as websites. Questions to ask before using websites as a source for your assignments:

Is the website trustworthy? Does it come from a recognised and recommended source. Is the creator an expert in the field you are studying.

Is there any copyright issues in the website? How accurate and relevant is the information contained? 

Irish Associations

Social Media

Social Media and Nursing

Social Media like newspapers offer a method of getting up to date information and allowing for the following of social and industry trends. It does come with the same drawbacks of newspapers such as bias and the questionable reliability of websites. However social media can be a powerful educational tool. It give students the chance of engagement and collaboration. 



LENUS - The Irish health repository. 

EThOS - British Library run repository of over 500,000 doctoral theses.

OATD - Open Access Theses and Dissertations 

Research@THEA - open access repository to store and promote the research output from the Technical Universities