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Business and Management Subject Guide: Databases and Journals

What are Databases

Databases are large searchable collections of information made up of journals, books, magazines, newspapers, and more. They are can be multi-disciplinary covering a wide range of subjects or very focused on a single topic. What they have in common is that they contain information from reliable sources. The Library provides access to many databases for their students from their website, some of these are trusted free examples others are  subscribed   to by the library and will require the student to log on with a username and password.

Databases for Business

ACCESS FROM THE LINKS BELOW: From each link you will be prompted for your student number and TUS password. Staff will be prompted for your staff username and TUS password.

Recommended Journals

A Journal also called a serial is a professional publication that generally focuses on one topic. If a journal is peer reviewed it means that a board of experts has read and approved the articles for publication.  
Some recommended journals are below :

Journal of Business Ethics

British Journal of Management

Journal of Marketing Management

Harvard Business Review