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Marketing: Freely Available Business datasets, statistics and reports

IRELAND: Freely available datasets, statistics and reports

Ireland's Open Data Portal

The concept of Open Data is about making data held by public bodies available and easily accessible online for reuse and redistribution. As public bodies have progressed in areas like eGovernment and data analytics, the potential of data and, in particular, Open Data to help deliver economic, social and democratic benefits has become clearer. The portal brings these datasets together in a single searchable website. is intended to provide easy access to datasets that are free to use, reuse, and redistribute. The portal is operated by the Government Reform Unit of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform.

The Central bank

The Central Bank is the main compiler of Irish financial statistics. Our analysis informs the decisions of the European Central Bank, the Government, financial services firms and the public. The Central Bank’s published data and commentary covers areas such as credit and deposits developments, mortgage arrears, interest rates, investment funds, securities issues and quarterly financial accounts.

Central Statistics Office

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) is Ireland's national statistical office and its purpose is to impartially collect, analyse and make available statistics about Ireland’s people, society and economy. At national level, CSO official statistics inform decision making across a range of areas including construction, health, welfare, the environment and the economy. At European level they provide an accurate picture of Ireland’s economic and social performance and enable comparisons between Ireland and other countries.

The CSO is also responsible for coordinating the official statistics of other public authorities. 

Ireland’s open data portal promoting innovation and transparency through the publication of Irish Public Sector data in open, free and reusable formats link. 

ESRI (Economic and Social Research Institute)

The mission of the Economic and Social Research Institute is to advance evidence-based policymaking that supports economic sustainability and social progress in Ireland. ESRI researchers apply the highest standards of academic excellence to challenges facing policymakers, focusing on 11 areas of critical importance to 21st Century Ireland.

ISSDA (Irish Social Science Data Archive)

Ireland’s leading centre for quantitative data acquisition, preservation, and dissemination based in UCD

An Garda Siochana

Road accident statistics and other garda publications. Annual Reports including regional demographic. Crime data/statistics. Crime Assets Bureau statistics.

International: Freely available datasets, statistics and reports

International Monetary Fund, all IMF data, including:

  • Outlook
  • Reports
  • Maps
  • Monitor
  • Indicators
  • Survey


Company filings search and database in the US through EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering Analysis and Retrieval). It allows for researching of companies’ financial information and operations.

Rank and Filed is a great complement to EDGAR with quarterly report and business agreements freely available 

OECD data

Data from country members in the OECD group, topics ranging from Agriculture, Economy, Energy, Finance, Jobs and more… Also provides nice visuals.

Compare charts, maps, tables and publications


A massive statistical warehouse from United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, also includes country profile and some visualisation. This is a great resources to find large datasets.

World Trade Organization

The WTO provides quantitative information in relation to economic and trade policy issues. Its databases and publications provide access to data on trade flows, tariffs, non-tariff measures (NTMs) and trade in value added.


Commodities data run by the United Nation Data. Provides raw data as well as a built in visualize app.

Our World in Data, hosted by the University of Oxford

This site presents "the research and data needed to make progress against the world’s largest problems".

Wide range of data, reports, maps, charts for Health, Education, Energy, Environment, Economic Development, Innovation and Technological change, Living Conditions, Community, Human Rights and Democracy, Violence and War…

CIA library

Browse reports, resources, intelligence history, international relations, factbooks country by country

Federal Reserve Bank

Economic research, economic data and information services, articles and reports from the federal reserve bank of St Louis. This is where the research sector of the Federal Reserve Bank, which monitors and analyses the whole United States "economic and financial literature and produces research in the areas of money and banking, macroeconomics, and international and regional economics".

Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research

ICPSR maintains a data archive of more than 250,000 files of research in the social and behavioral sciences. It hosts 21 specialized collections of data in education, aging, criminal justice, substance abuse, terrorism, and other fields.

AEA, American Economic Association

Resources for economists, data and reports from all over the world


UK: Freely available datasets, statistics and reports

All open data published by the central UK government: 


  • Business and economy
  • Crime and justice
  • Defence
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Government
  • Spending
  • Health
  • Mapping
  • Society
  • Towns and cities
  • Transport

GOV.UK Research and Statistics

The general page for the UK Government for all of the internal research and statistics it has. 

Office for Budget Responsibility

It is the duty of this office in the UK to examine and report on the sustainability of the public finances. Economic outlook, forecast, trends, monthly public finance report. In particular, Brexit and reports analysis. 

Bank of England Statistics

The statistics page that focuses on monetary and financial datasets that are relevant to the Bank of England. 

Institute of Fiscal Studies

Findings are based on rigorous analysis, detailed empirical evidence and in-depth institutional knowledge. IFS seeks to communicate them effectively to a wide range of audiences, and to maximise their impact on policy both directly and by informing public debate. 

Office for National Statistics

Data provided by an independent and authorative Office on the UK's public finances. 

Business Case Studies

Free case studies and reports from world companies and associated lesson materials and worksheets 

City Business Library has a number of free recommended websites listed under this link. 

This includes business start-up, company information, country information, import and export, law and licensing, London research publications, statistics, sustainability and more.

EU: Freely available datasets, statistics and reports

EU Open Data Portal 

Search all datasets published by EU institutions and bodies, including:

  •  Agriculture, fisheries, forestry and food
  •  Economy and Finance
  •  Education, culture and sport
  •  Energy
  •  Environment
  •  Government and public sector
  •  Health
  •  International issues
  •  Justice, legal system and public safety
  •  Regions and cities
  •  Population and society
  •  Science and technology
  •  Transport

European Commission Macro-Economic Database

AMECO is the annual macro-economic database of the European Commission's Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs. 

European Commission Business and Consumer Surveys

Regular harmonised surveys are conducted by the Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs for different sectors of the economies in the European Union (EU) and in the applicant countries. 

EuroStat Database

The official statistical office of the EU which provides raw data and graphs on a variety of topics. Ex; Economy and Finance, Population and Social, Industry, trade and services, International trade, and many more. 

European Central Bank

The 'statistical data warehouse' for the European Central Bank, providing both downloadable raw data and some graphical representation.