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What is Open Access (OA)?

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Open Access is a publishing and distribution model that makes scholarly research literature (articles, book chapters, data, etc.) freely available online, allowing unrestricted access with no reading or subscription fee, sometimes after an agreed period has elapsed since initial publication. It complements and extends the established practices and rigorous selection of publications in peer reviewed journals and elsewhere, operating in parallel with conventional publication channels. 

Why Open Access?

Open Access provides several advantages over traditional scholarly publication methods:

  • Greater impact of scholarship
  • Greater Exposure
  • Faster transmission
  • Discoverable via search engines such as Google & Google Scholar
  • Long term preservation of work
  • Higher citation counts for authors
  • Eliminates inequalities in access to knowledge
  • Gives the taxpayer access to tax-funded research
  • Enhance Faculty/Department/Research Institute and AIT’s reputation
  • Enables and encourages interdisciplinary approaches to research

How can I make my paper Open Access (OA)?

Benefits of Open Access

Open Access explained