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Welcome to the TUS Midlands Library guide which will help you find information about and links to the library's key resources in Law.

Case Law

Case law refers to the legal principles established through judicial decisions. It encompasses court rulings and judgments in specific cases and serves as a fundamental source for legal research. It plays a crucial role due to the doctrine of precedent, where past judgments can influence future cases, based on the court's authority.


Law reports are responsible for publishing case judgments, and a law report citation is useful for locating a specific case judgment.

Here is an example of a law report citation using the OSCOLA referencing system (see the referencing section of this guide for more information about referencing systems):

Riordan v Ireland

[2009] IESC 44, [2009] 3 IR 745

The primary categories of law reports are as follows:

  • Full-text law reports, which includes the complete court judgment, a summarising headnote, and various additional sections.
  • Summary reports, which are also referred to as case summaries,  digests, case notes, etc., offering a condensed version or abstract of the judgment.


Key Law Reports include:

  • Irish Law Reports Monthly (accessible online via Westlaw IE)
  • Irish Law Times Reports via Westlaw IE (accessible online via Westlaw IE)
  • Law Reports (UK) (accessible online via Westlaw UK)
  • Weekly Law Reports (accessible online via Westlaw UK)
  • All England Law Reports (accessible online via Westlaw UK)

Just click on the case tab in the databases that are linked below to find a case. You can search by keyword or by party name. You will be requested to log in via your student email and password.

Lexis+ All England and Northern Ireland Reports

vLexJustis: older Irish and English cases

Westlaw IE: Irish cases

Westlaw UK: UK cases

Other useful databases (do not need to log on to access,  just click on link)

BAILII - British and Irish Legal Information Institute

Access to Freely Available British and Irish Public Legal Information. It contains decisions of the High Court and the Supreme Court dating bas to 1997 as well as selected older cases.

The official website of the Irish Courts.

Irish Legal Information Institute (IRLII)

IRLII features a catalog of bills in the Dail along with their respective statuses. Its goal is to enhance, rather than vie with, BAILII.



Every piece of primary legislation originates as a Bill, which represents a proposal for new legislation. Legislation, in this context, refers to laws or a collection of laws that have received approval from Parliament (Oireachtas). The term 'legislation' is also employed to describe the process of creating a new law.

To understand more about the legislative process in Ireland, just click on this guide: Guide to the legislative process in Ireland.

In Ireland, primary legislation refers to the Acts of the Oireachtas. Just click to view. The Irish Statute Book website, maintained by the Attorney General's Office, offers full-text access (unofficial version) to all Acts of the Oireachtas.

Secondary legislation commonly pertains to Statutory Instruments, including regulations, rules, orders, schemes, and bye-laws. The Irish Statute Book website also offers full-text access (unofficial version) to all Statutory Instruments.

The Official Journal of the European Union functions as the official publication (gazette) for EU legal acts, along with other acts and official information issued by EU institutions, bodies, offices, and agencies.

The L Series of the Official Journal of the European Union, formerly referred to as OJEC (Official Journal of the European Communities), contains European legislation and is easily searchable on EUR-LEX.