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Law Subject guide: Books and ebooks

Electronic books

What are e-books (electronic books)? These are books that you can read online via your PC, laptop or mobile device.

Why use them?

  • e-Books are available 24/7
  • access them on and off campus
  • search within the full-text for your topic
  • avoid waiting for reservations
  • you don't pay library fines

How many ebooks are available?  The AIT Library provides access to approximately 150,000 ebooks.

Click here to access the various electronic book list offerings from the AIT library.    Downloading options will vary from publisher to publisher and even from book to book sometimes.

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Law Texts/Legal books

Do note that there are two distinct types of law textbooks.  Those written for the practitioner and those written for students studying law.  The books written for practitioners focus on the practical application of the law and procedure while the others have a more theoretical focus.

Family Law in Ireland Handbook

Law Society of Ireland (2017) Family Law in Ireland – Code of Practice (4th edition) Dublin: Law Society of Ireland.  [Online] Available at: