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Systematic Review Guide

Overview of the Systematic Review process with links to resources

Grey Literature: Overview & Resources

Extensive database searching is only part of the solution to identifying relevant research. Studies may appear as books, book chapters, working papers, policy documents or departmental reports. To identify studies published in these formats and to minimize bias it can be important to supplement database searches with other sources.

Grey literature sources

• Conference proceedings

• Trial registers

• Internet searching / Google Scholar/ Google advanced Search

• Web sites of relevant organisations

• Reference lists of relevant articles

• Forward citation tracking

• e-ToCs of key journals

• Experts in the field and research networks


• Individuals in the field
• Authors of key papers identified
• Research networks
• Mail lists
• JISCMail
• Manufacturers
• Searching for other papers
• Clusters of work on a topic


            Provides access to Engineering Conference Material

Medline, Scopus, Cinahl and PubMed are also good sources for clinical trials this can be defined as a search limit or a search term