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Preparing Reading Lists: Guide for Academics

This is a step by step guide for preparing your reading lists for 2022-23.

Request a Purchase Form

How to access the 'Request a Purchase' Form? 

1. From the library website, click on 'My Library Account' (highlighted in yellow below) - this will bring you to the 365 login page, login with your TUS credentials. 

2. After you login you will see your Library profile account, note this is not a database account, it is your library 'book' account so it might not be that familiar to you. From the panel on the left, click on 'Your Purchase Suggestions' (highlighted in yellow below).

3. You will then be presented with the form which you compete for each item. Please give as much information as you can on the item you are looking for, esp if you require a print or e-copy. Keep an eye on your emails in case library has any follow up queries - sample of the form below. 


Relevant information Requesting Items

  • Timing & Budget: Ideally orders should be with Library by the end of June if possible. For physical books, the lead time for ordering & delivery can be up to 9 weeks. For electronic materials, this timeline is not as big an issue but all requests are subject to budget.  
  • Database Resources: For items that are more than single items, email to set up a conversation with the library on a specific database resource you are interested in. 
  • Electronic versions: Depending on the resource type, availability in an appropriate electronic copy can be an issue i.e. lots of e-books available to an individual customer, are not available as e-books to libraries etc. Cost is also a consideration in all purchase requests. For more information, check out our FAQs on e-books.
  • Information needed: Have details of the title ready. You will need the exact title, ISBN and format (print or ebook) as well the course code of the module you are requesting the title for.
  • Providing additional information: The "Notes" field can be used to provide any additional information.
  • Number of copies: You will also be asked to suggest a number of copies to be purchased. Note this will be reviewed by the acquisitions team when ordering the title if available.
  • Follow-up: You will receive an email when the library processes your suggestion.

Please note this is the best way the library can accept new purchase request or suggestion.