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APA Referencing guide: Newspapers


Template     Author Surname, Initials. (YYYY, Month DD). Title of article. Title of Newspaper. number of article

In text Citation

The issue was highlighted in a recent newspaper report (Campbell, 2010).

Reference List

Campbell, D. (2010, May 25). Younger people worry more about loneliness. The Guardian, p. 13.

Template     Author Surname, Initials. (YYYY, Month DD). Title of  article. Title of Newspaper. number of article.

If accessed online remove page number and add: Retrieved from URL

In Text Citation

Toddlers need their sleep in order to avoid obesity (Slater, 2016).

Reference list.

Slater, S. (2016, August 8) Put toddlers to bed early to stop them getting fat. The Irish Independent. Retrieved 10 August, 2016,


Treat similar to a journal article from a database.

In Text Citation

(Smith, 2011)

Reference List

Smith, B. (2011, June 24). Brain study confirms stress of life in the city. The Age, p.14. Retrieved from Proquest ABI-Inform.