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APA Referencing guide: Citing Business material in APA

Business Sources disclaimer

While the APA provides instructions for citing standard publication types, some business resources have unique elements that require some adaptation.  For example, although the general rule is not to include database information for some business material it is a useful requirement for Marketing Research databases.

Company Information

MarketLine. (year, month date). Title. Retrieved from Marketline Advantage Database.

MarketLine. (2015, October 9). McDonald's Corporation. Retrieved from Marketline Advantage database.

Citing from databases

In-text citation Reference List

The current recession is limiting the number of gym memberships (Steverman, 2009).



Chinese banks are for sale (Anderson, 2005).


Educators need to teach teamwork in business communication courses much as coaches do in the sports setting (Snyder, 2009).


The total amount invested in funds has dropped significantly (The incredible shrinking funds, 2008).

Steverman, B. (2009, March 12). Where cautious consumers are causing chaos. Business Week Online, 13. Retrieved from Business Source Premier database.

Anderson, J. (2005, September). The great Chinese bank sale. Far Eastern Economic Review, 168(8), 7-12. Retrieved from ABI/Inform database.

Snyder, L. (2009). Teaching teams about teamwork: Preparation, practice, and performance review. Business Communication Quarterly, 72(1), 74-79. Retrieved from Business Source Premier database.

No author example - begin with the article title first, followed by date:
The incredible shrinking funds. (2008, October 24). The Economist, 389(8603), 83-85. Retrieved from ABI/Inform database.