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APA Referencing guide: Thesis or Dissertation

Thesis or Dissertation

Remember to use the terminology on the Thesis itself e.g. doctoral dissertation or Masters Thesis in…

The definition for Dissertation vs Thesis is different in the UK and Ireland to the USA.

Shorten the URL if too long.

Treat similar to a book with one author.

  • Author(s) in format: Surname, Initial/s
  • Year of publication (in round brackets) followed by a full stop
  • Title (italics)
  • Type of document (e.g. Unpublished doctoral thesis) in round brackets followed by a full stop
  • Full name of institution.
  • Location. (for printed copy only)
  • If retrieved from a University repository, add Retrieved from http://www.xxxxx
  • If retrieved from a commercial database (e.g. EThOS), give the ID number at the end of the reference (in round brackets).

Author, Initials. (year). Title of thesis (Unpublished doctoral thesis). Name of institution, Location. Retrieved from URL

In text Citation:

Gormley (2016) found that the living arrangements of Irish students are quite different to those in the US.

Reference List

Gormley, B. (2016) Commuting versus resident students: differences in Irish student engagement, social and living conditions based on place of residence.  (Unpublished EdD thesis) University of Sheffield, Sheffield.  Retrieved from EThOS. (EThOS ID

Author, Initials. (year). Title of thesis (Unpublished doctoral thesis). Name of institution, Location. 

Intext citation.

Hughes (2014) argues that…

Reference List

Hughes, P. I. (2014) Novel applications of food grade antimicrobial lipids. (Unpublished Thesis) Athlone Institute of Technology, Athlone.