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Referencing Interviews

Citing Personal communications and Interviews: Examples


Material Type

In-Text Example

Reference List Example

See Cite Them Right, 12th ed G 6 p .62

General Interview template

Interviewee(s) last name (Year)

(Interviewee(s) last name, year)

  • Name of person interviewed
  • Year of interview (in round brackets)
  • Title of the Interview (if any) (in single quotation marks).
  • Interview with interviewee
  • Interviewed by Interviewers name
  • for Title of publication or broadcast (in Italics)
  • Day and month of the interview, page number (if relevant)

If accessed online:

Available at: DOI or URL (Accessed: date) 

Television interview

Noonan (2012) claimed in an interview


In an interview on RTE (Noonan, 2012)

Noonan, M. (2012) Interviewed by Eileen Dunne for Six One News, RTE One Television, 22 March.
Newspaper interview Noonan (2012) stated that... Noonan, M. (2012) 'Moving towards financial growth'. Interview with Michael Noonan. Interviewed by Michael Smith for The Irish Times, 5 July, p. 24.
Internet interview Noonan stated that he plan to extend the deadline for Ireland to repay its bailout loans would reduce the amount Ireland would need to borrow (2013) Noonan M. (2013) Interviewed by David Murphy for RTE News, 29 May. Available at: (Accessed 13 July 2014).

See Cite Them Right, 12th ed G 27 p .123

Personal communication note

If the information is not publicly accessible cite it as a personal communication.  This includes verbal conversations in person, by phone, Skype, FaceTime, unrecorded conversations via Zoom or Teams, email,  text message, letter or fax, and any service that requires registration or invitation before the information can be accessed.

  • Sender/speaker/author
  • Year of communication (in round brackets)
  • Medium of communication
  • Receiver of communication
  • Day/month of communication

Personal communication


This view was supported by Brown (2019)

Brown, R (2019) E mail to John White, 24 July. 

Brown, R (2019) Telephone conversation with John White, 24 July. 

Walters, F (2021) Skype conversation with John Stephens, 21 June.