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Edited Book

Material type In-text reference Reference list

See Cite Them Right; 12th Edn G1.6 p. 46-7

Chapter/ sections of edited books

(Author of chapter /section, date)


Author of the Chapter/ Section
Year of publication (in round brackets)
'Title of Chapter/ Section',
in: author/ editor of book
Title of book (In Italics)
Edition (if not first)
Place of publication: Publisher
Page reference 


(MacDonald, 1997, p. 58)

Cite the author of article or chapter in the text Not the Editors of the Book 

MacDonald, G. (1997) 'Innovation diffusion and health education in schools', in: M. Sidell, M. Jones, L. Katz, and A. Peberdy (eds) Debates and dilemmas in promoting health. 2nd edn. London: Open University, pp. 55-88.

Note: When referring to a work with editor/s, it is normally the case that each chapter/contribution is attributed to individual author/s.

Therefore, it is the author of the chapter that you will be citing in-text. However, in the full reference, you will need to refer to the editor/s as well as the chapter author/s.

In the rare event that you may want to cite the whole of an edited book, you would simply reference it as a normal book but would replace author with editor in the in-text citation and put ed.or eds. after the editor/s name/s in the full reference.